Importance of Seal Quality

Most of the focus is on the methods of installing sound control products, but we cannot stress enough the importance of a fully sealed assembly. As the chart below shows (actual testing), the performance gains of modern acoustic soundproofing products are not achievable if the seal quality is poor.



A common inquiry is if acoustical sealant is truly necessary to seal the assembly. We do recommend acoustic sealants because they remain flexible and have minimal shrinkage. This flexibility will prevent the seal from cracking over time and the minimal shrinkage will keep our customers from having to apply additional applications of sealant. However, it is not necessary to utilize wildly expensive exotic materials often priced as high as $20 per tube or more. Instead, use a more traditional acoustic sealant like the GG Acoustical Sealant. GG Acoustical Sealant is water-based, low odor, easy to clean up, and dries to a non-sticky state. The cost per liquid ounce is usually the same price as a basic latex plus silicone caulk.