PDS Light

for a 36" x 84" set
Lead Time: 5-10 DAYS
  • Stock size is 36" x 84"
  • On-site cutting is recommended for this product
  • Light duty door stop that installs over the top of existing stops or directly to the door jamb
  • Lead Time: 5-10 days
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The small gap that exists between the door slab and door stops (wood or metal strip the door rests against when closed) can be sealed using our PDS Light door seal. Because of the ultra low profile, this perimeter door jamb seal must install over the top of existing stops. The easy to compress foam allows the door to shut with a low closing force while fully sealing the sides and top of the door.

We recommend combining a set of PDS Light with a set of PDS Rubber to create a dead air space between the two rubber door side seals. Doing so will maximize the performance of the door jamb gasket system to a near zero loss perimeter seal performance.

Each PDS Light ships with the required fasteners along with full installation instructions from the manufacturer. A brief description of the installation can be found below.

The PDS Light is designed to install over the top of the existing door stops. Without installing over the existing stops, the profile of the PDS Light is too thin to seal the perimeter gap. The included fasteners screw into slotted holes allowing for easy adjustment from side to side if the door is bowed or uneven from top to bottom. The 1/4" foam should be compressed up to 1/8” for proper deflection. After installation is complete, the included cap cover is used to cover the fasteners. Make sure the seals are set in their final position before installing the cap cover as it is very difficult to remove without damaging the finish. Replacement cap covers are available if needed.

PDS Light Product SpecsPDF 76 KB

PDS Light Specs
Dimensions 1/4" thick x 3/4" wide with 1/4" max foam extension
Length Standard 36" x 84" door, can be trimmed on site to any size
Finish Clear aluminum or dark bronze
STC Rating Tested to show performance equal to bulky adjustable door stops, assume 1 STC point loss depending on rating of slab
Other Ratings BHMA A156.22, ASTM E-283 for air infiltration, ASTM E-90-97 and ASTM EI408-91 for sound control

For the width, measure the distance between each vertical door stop. This measurement is the length you should cut for your PDS Light header piece.

For the height, measure the distance between the floor, or top of the threshold, and the top horizontal stop (after installation of the PDS Light header piece). This measurement is the height you should cut for your PDS Light leg pieces.

Use the drawing below for a visual explanation of how to measure for the PDS Light.

Our independent sound tests have shown the PDS Light to perform better than, or at least as well as, even the larger perimeter door seals like our PDS Heavy and other comparable products from other manufacturers. We have found in our own testing that the size of the perimeter door seal is not crucial. The important attributes are the ease of installation, quality of the foam or rubber in the seal, the ability for that seal to compress 25%-50% without little foce, and the ability to have the seal come in full contact with the door along the entire perimeter door seal.