PDS Threshold

per 36" length
Lead Time: 5-10 DAYS
  • Stock size is 36" long
  • Heavy duty acoustic door seal that installs on the floor between the door jambs
  • Lead Time: 2-6 days
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The PDS Threshold Seal is most often used when the finish floor is uneven or carpet. If the gap beneath the door slab is under 1/2”, then the PDS Threshold can be used as a standalone product. Most often it is used along with our automatic door bottom, the ADB Surface or ADB Mortised. The advantages of an acoustic threshold over a standard threshold is the seal redundancy and dead air space created between the acoustic door bottom seal and door threshold seal.

Each PDS Threshold ships with the required fasteners along with full door threshold installation instructions from the manufacturer. A brief description of the installation can be found below.

Verify the width of the threshold between the jambs, trim if necessary. The foam seal on the threshold should be trimmed flush with the sides or 1/16" long. Place the threshold under the door, close the door, and move the threshold so the foam comes in full contact to the bottom of the slab with slight compression. Open the door, verify placement of the threshold, and fasten using the screws provided by the manufacturer.

PDS Threshold Product SpecsPDF 67 KB

PDS Threshold Specs
Dimensions 1/2" tall x 4" wide with 1/4" max foam extension
Length Standard 36", can be trimmed on site
Finish Clear aluminum or dark bronze
STC Rating Tested to show zero loss in doors up to STC 65
Other Ratings ADAAG-1998, ICC/ANSI A117.1 and California Building Code, Title 24 for Barrier-Free Entry, ASTM E-90 and BS EN ISO 140-3 for sound control, ADA Compliant

The PDS Threshold is inventoried at 36" in length and only ships in this length, unless a longer 48" version is ordered (custom size that ships direct from the manufacturer). We recommend measuring and cutting on-site instead of having this product custom cut from the manufacturer. Cutting the PDS Threshold is simple as the material is made from a soft aluminum that can be cut by most saw blades.

Our independent sound tests and installation experience have shown the PDS Threshold to perform as well as any acoustic threshold. The foam in the PDS Threshold compresses easily allowing the door to close without any additional closing force. We have used this style of acoustic threshold in our sound doors and tested the threshold in assemblies rating up to STC 65. The PDS Threshold is ADA compliant so it can be used in any commercial project.