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Best Option: Decouple the Ceilings

Ceilings are more difficult to isolate than walls because of the significant mass and lack of resilience. These characteristics limit the types of products that can be used to isolate airborne and footfall impact noise in ceilings. Expect two to three times the isolation with resilient clips in ceilings over the next best option, a damping compound or pre-damped drywall.
Combine decoupling with damping for maximum isolation of airborne and footfall impact noise.

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GenieClip® RST

We recommend double layer drywall over single layer for a significant increase in isolating low frequencies and footfall impact noise. Single layer drywall still provides excellent gains in mid to high frequencies. A third layer will further increase low frequency isolation where much of the footfall impact noise exists.


GenieClip® LB3 Low Profile

Use this GenieClip® in ceilings to reduce headroom loss. Achieve the same performance as the GenieClip® RST and save about 1" in headroom.


GenieClip® LB2 Extension

Used in ceilings with uneven joists or when plumbing, HVAC, conduit, and electrical drops below the joists.


Second Option: Dampen the Ceilings

Damping standard ceilings is not nearly as effective as it is for walls because a standard ceiling lacks resilience. Most gains from damping a standard ceiling will be the airborne noise transfer to the space above with very minimal gains in footfall impact noise isolation.
Damping decoupled ceilings is effective because the clip system or resilient channel will make the ceiling resilient.

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Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound Tubes

Used as a damping compound between multiple layers of drywall to control flanking and sound transfer throughout the structure. We recommend tubes for smaller or DIY projects.

  • $212.00
    Case of Green Glue Compound
  • $18.00
    Tube of Green Glue Compound
  • $28.00
    Green Glue Caulking Gun

Green Glue Compound Five Gallon Pail

Used as a damping compound between multiple layers of drywall to control flanking and sound transfer throughout the structure. We recommend pails for larger projects for savings in time and cost.

  • $309.00
    Green Glue Compound Five Gallon Pail
  • $50.00
    Green Glue Dispensing Gun

Third Option: Add Mass to the Ceilings

Ceilings structures typically have significant weight and many layers of material so a small addition of mass will have minimal benefit. If you prefer to use MLV in a ceiling, then we strongly recommend installing 2 LB MLV instead of 1 LB MLV so that the product provides a more significant addition in mass and thickness to the assembly.
Low frequencies and impact footfall noise will not be isolated with MLV.

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TotalMass MLV Barrier

Both 1 LB and 2 LB are available. The 2 LB will perform noticeably better than 1 LB, but most of the initial gains can be achieved with the 1 LB. Gains from MLV in a ceiling, whether fixed or resilient will be minimal with no improvement in footfall impact noise.

  • $130.00
    1 LB 4' x 25'
  • $140.00
    2 LB 4' x 15'