Green Glue Compound Five Gallon Pail

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Green Glue Compound Five Gallon Pail per 5 gallon pail
Green Glue Dispensing Gun per dispensing gun
  • Apply between layers of drywall or wood in walls, ceilings, and floors
  • Dispensing gun recommended for accurate application
  • 5-gallon bucket and dispenser suggested on large jobs for lower cost and faster application
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View our Product FAQ for answers to common questions about Green Glue Compound.

Damping compounds, like Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound, are relatively recent advancements in the sound isolation market. Green Glue Compound is a material that is applied between two layers of solid non-porous material, typically drywall or wood, in walls, ceilings, floors, isolation boxes, window plugs, and doors.

Green Glue Compound is most often applied from pails instead of tubes in larger projects covering more than 700 square feet of surface for faster application and lower cost per square foot. We strongly recommend the use our Green Glue Dispensing Gun when applying from the Green Glue 5 gallon pail for accurate and easy application. The cost for Green Glue Compound in pails is about 25 cents per square foot less than in tubes, assuming the project square footage divides well with the Green Glue pails.

To learn more about how damping products work, read our article Concept of Damping.


Green Glue Damping Compound can be used in most wall types including wood framing, steel stud framing in staggered stud walls, double stud walls, and walls with resilient clips or resilient channel installed. Walls with framing spaced 24" on center work best with Green Glue Compound. Walls with framing 16" on center will not respond as well to the Green Glue Compound because of the rigidity of the surface. Concrete and cinder block walls will not respond well to Green Glue Compound because they are too heavy and not resilient enough. The addition of Green Glue Compound to a standard 24" on center framed wall (applying Green Glue Compound to a new layer of drywall and fastening through the existing drywall into the framing) will increase the isolation level to a point where loud voices, television, and phones ringing are typically fully isolated.


Ceilings are heavier and less resilient than walls, so they require more significant efforts to isolate sound transmission. The addition of Green Glue Compound to your ceiling between two layers of drywall will add some benefit, but often not enough to satisfy expectations, especially for performance relating to impact footfall noise. To gain the full benefits of Green Glue Compound in your ceiling, we recommend first installing a resilient sound clip system or resilient channel. Green Glue Compound, on a resilient system, will increase isolation for both impact footfall and airborne noise by about 7 IIC and 6 STC points.


Similar to ceilings, Green Glue Compound is best installed in resilient assemblies. If your ceiling below is suspended from resilient sound clips or resilient channel, then the Green Glue Compound will add about 7 IIC and 6 STC points to the assembly rating. Green Glue sealant is also valuable in floors when used beneath rubber underlayment or in layering beneath or above the GenieMat RST (layering uses layers of rigid materials such as plywood or Hardibacker).


Applying Green Glue Damping Compound directly to the studs or joists before the first layer of drywall will not help with the isolation performance of your assembly.


The performance of a product is often only considered in terms of STC results from acoustic lab testing. Flanking sound transfer cannot be properly tested in an acoustics lab. If the material or structure has low damping, the sound vibrations can travel from material to material for great distances. If a structure has high damping, then the vibration is dissipated quickly and cannot travel throughout the structure with ease. Because of this, damping products like Green Glue Compound are vastly more crucial than lab tests show. Even in high STC assemblies (decoupled assemblies), the Green Glue Compound will have considerable value in reducing the strength of the vibrations that do pass through the assembly keeping those vibrations from traveling throughout the structure.


Most dispensing guns have a 32 ounce capacity. Our dispensing gun has a 28 ounce capacity. Each tube of Green Glue Compound is 28 ounces so using our dispensing gun ensure accurate application. This will save about 4 ounces of material for every load of the larger capacity dispensing guns. Avoiding over applying will also further reduce the cost of using Green Glue Damping Compound.

Green Glue Compound Calculator

NOTE: We only recommend the application rate of 'Standard' or 'Heavy'. Application rate of Green Glue Compound per the 'Light' recommendation (as promoted by the manufacturer) has not proven effective in real world applications.

Green Glue Compound Coverage
Application Standard Heavy Light
Green Glue Compound Case 192 square feet 132 square feet 384 square feet
Green Glue Compound Tube 16 square feet 11 square feet 32 square feet
Green Glue Compound Pail with dispensing gun 365 square feet 245 square feet 730 square feet
Green Glue Compound Pail with 1/8" notched trowel 325 square feet - -

View Green Glue Compound Tube Install Guide

Green Glue Compound is an extremely sticky product, but not an actual adhesive so screws still need to be used to secure the drywall or wood. Apply the Green Glue Compound from our Green Glue Dispensing Gun (cut a 1/2” opening in the provided nozzles) when using five gallon pails to the back of the new layer of drywall. The exact pattern in which you apply the Green Glue Compound is not important, but a level of consistency is required. The suggested application amount of two tubes per 32 square foot panel or one tube per 16 square feet should be followed as closely as possible.

NOTE: We recommend priming the dispenser before use with WD-40 and/or water. Once the gun is loading and dispensing the water with no problem, you can start loading Green Glue into the dispenser.

After the Green Glue Compound is applied to the new layer of drywall you will then fasten the layer with screws through the existing drywall and into the framing.

Read our Green Glue Application: Dispenser vs. Trowel article for more details comparing application with a dispensing gun and a trowel.

Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound Specs
Coverage 365 square feet per pail at normal coverage
Application Temperature 40°F-90°F
VOC Meets low VOC standards
Odor Mild and temporary
Working Time About 20 minutes
Cure Time 7 days
Other Ratings ASTM E-84 for flame spread, ASTM D-3273 for mold resistance, ASTM E-90 for airborne noise, ASTM E-492 for impact noise
Green Glue Compound Downloads
Green Glue Compound Product Specs DownloadPDF 53 KB
Green Glue Compound MSDS DownloadPDF 27 KB
Green Glue Compound UL Listings DownloadPDF 18 KB

The performance of Green Glue Compound meets or exceeds other damping compounds available and easily exceeds the performance of nearly every pre-damped drywall. Green Glue Compound has been tested for STC, OITC, IIC, and is UL fire rated in multiple assemblies.

*All test results shown in this table were achieved through third party testing from accredited laboratories. The full test is available upon request.

Independent Sound Test Results
Type Assembly STC OITC IIC
Ceiling Wood joists, R-19 insulation, single 5/8" drywall on resilient channel, double 3/8" sub-floor with Green Glue Compound 57 - 48
Wall Wood studs 24" OC, R-13 insulation, three 5/8" drywall total 39 30 -
Wall Wood studs 24" OC, R-13 insulation, three 5/8" drywall total with Green Glue Compound on one side 52 35 -
Wall Wood studs 24" OC, R-13 insulation, four 5/8" drywall total 37 32 -
Wall Wood studs 24" OC, R-13 insulation, four 5/8" drywall total with Green Glue Compound on both sides or two layers of Green Glue Compound on one side 55 39 -