Furring Hat Channel 6'

per 6' long piece
Lead Time: 1-5 DAYS
  • Only available for sale to customers purchasing clips
  • 7/8" tall, 6' long, 25 gauge metal hat channel
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The width of our furring hat channel matches the product specs required for use with GenieClips and Green Glue Clips. Each piece is cut to 6' in length for easy shipping and arrival with your resilient clips. The 6-foot hat channel we sell is 25 gauge, the recommended gauge for both ceilings and walls with 1-3 layers of drywall.

We only sell metal furring channel to our clip customers as a service of convenience. Furring hat channel is a very easy product to source locally. Because of this, we recommend to our customers with large projects to source their metal furring channel locally to save on shipping and product cost. Contact us if you require assistance in sourcing hat channel clips locally.

The total square footage of your clipped ceiling or wall multiplied by .7 for 16" on center spacing or .6 for 24" on center spacing is an accurate way to calculate the linear footage of furring hat channel required. An exact way to calculate is to count the rows of hat channel and multiply by the width of the clipped surface.

Furring hat channel snaps into the GenieClip or Green Glue Clip with no additional fasteners. Splice hat channel pieces together by overlapping at least 6" and fasten the hat channel together on the slant of the hat channel using a standard steel stud screw.

Hat Channel Product SpecsPDF 120 KB

Furring Hat Channel Specs
Width 2-1/2" to 2-7/8" (expands in stock)
Height 7/8"
Length 6'
Gauge 25ga
Weight 1.5 pounds per piece