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  • Tests show loss of 1-2 STC points per light, QuietBox restores this loss
  • Includes Velcro to fasten housing to inside of QuietBox
  • Exclusively designed and manufactured by IsoStore
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The QuietBox recessed lighting soundproofing cover is used to isolate IC rated recessed lighting for nearly every brand and style of housing. Each untreated recessed light in your ceiling will lower the performance of your assembly by 1-2 STC points, depending on the number of lights and size of ceiling. This reduction in performance is due to the loss in mass where the recessed light is installed in place of one or more layers of drywall on the rest of the ceiling. The concept of the QuietBox recessed ceiling light cover is to restore this lost mass created by the recessed light housing by fitting the entire housing within the QuietBox and sealing the QuietBox to the back of the finish layer of drywall. Normal drywall ceilings will have the QuietBox installed using a 2x framing member or similar while resilient ceilings will remain decoupled by attaching the QuietBox with the GenieClip LB clips. Installation of the QuietBox around your IC rated recessed light will restore the lost mass entirely allowing your ceiling to reach the full STC, OITC, and IIC rating.

The interior of the QuietBox recessed lighting soundproofing cover is finished with 5/8" Type-X drywall and UL rated acoustical sealant. The QuietBox recessed light cover meets building code requirements for electrical fire code. The height of the QuietBox allows enough space above each of the compatible recessed lighting housings listed under the Compatibility tab.


A resilient ceiling is a ceiling that has resilient clips or resilient channel installed. To maintain a resilient ceiling with the QuietBox installed, the GenieClip LB should be used. Each QuietBox requires two GenieClip LB installed on opposite corners of the QuietBox.

View QuietBox with GenieClip LB Install Guide


If your drywall is fixed directly to the joists, then the QuietBox can be installed using a 2x framing member or similar.

View QuietBox with Framing Member Install Guide


Our QuietBox may be too tall for the depth of your joists. To resolve this, you can turn the QuietBox on the side and run it through a table saw. Allow a 1/2” space above the recessed light for typical IC housing clearance.

QuietBox Specs
Outside Dimensions 12" width x 15" length x 9-1/2" height
Inside Dimensions 9-1/4" width x 12-1/4" length x 8-1/8" height
Weight 21 pounds
STC Rating Restores mass lost from light housing. Final rating depends on the assembly.
Fire Rating 5/8" Type-X interior with UL rated acoustical sealant to meet fire code requirements
QuietBox Downloads
QuietBox Product Specs DownloadPDF 86 KB
QuietBox MSDS DownloadPDF 80 KB
QuietBox Fire Rating Info DownloadPDF 51 KB

The QuietBox is sound tested to show zero loss in ceiling assembly performance when the QuietBox is installed over the recessed light housing. Average loss from untreated recessed light is 1-2 STC points depending on the number of lights and size of the ceiling. The final rating of the QuietBox will be equal to any ceiling assembly with triple layer drywall and a damping compound.