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Grouped product items
Product Name Qty
Blue - 30 lbs Load per blue hanger
Brown - 50 lbs Load per brown hanger
Green - 70 lbs Load per green hanger
Red - 100 lbs Load per red hanger
White - 145 lbs Load per white hanger
Yellow - 220 lbs Load per yellow hanger
  • Designed for use with any wood, steel, or concrete ceiling assembly to create a dropped drywall ceiling.
  • Installed mid-wire between the structure and a drywall grid ceiling or CRC and hat channel ceiling.
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The RSIC-WHI ceiling isolation hangers manufactured by Pac International is used for drop ceilings attaching to a wood, concrete, or steel structure with a wire connecting the RSIC-WHI to the structure above and another wire connecting the RSIC-WHI to the drywall grid or cold rolled channel with hat channel system below. The layout pattern for the RSIC-WHI sound isolation hanger is based on a 24" x 48" or 48" x 48" on center grid. The wires used should be a minimum of 12-gauge annealed drop ceiling hanger wire tied through the existing wire loop of the RSIC-WHI.

Please choose the appropriate sound isolation ceiling hangers for your project based on specifications from your engineer, architect, or designer. Each RSIC-WHI sound isolation ceiling hanger is priced the same, regardless of load capacity.

  • Blue - 30 lbs acoustic load
  • Brown - 50 lbs acoustic load
  • Green - 70 lbs acoustic load
  • Red - 100 lbs acoustic load
  • White - 145 lbs acoustic load
  • Yellow - 220 lbs acoustic load
Pac International RSIC-WHI Downloads
RSIC-WHI Specifications DownloadPDF 217 KB
RSIC-WHI Installation Guide DownloadPDF 884 KB