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The Basics

Who manufactures the line of IsoDoors?

We design and manufacture the line of IsoDoor from start to finish. Because of this, we have full control over lead time and custom designs to meet the requirements of nearly every customer.

Which door is right for my project?

The IsoDoor and IsoDoor HD can be used in any situation. However, these doors do have different advantages that make them more suitable for specific projects.

Most often used in commercial or basic residential applications because of the 1-3/4″ thick slab (similar depth to most doors so standard handles will fit) and lighter weight supported with three heavy duty hinges. The performance of the IsoDoor is consistent in all frequencies. The IsoDoor will provide great performance in any wall assembly with an STC rating of 55 or lower.

IsoDoor HD
Most often used in home theaters, recording studios, and other areas to maintain high STC ratings. The door slab is 2-1/2″ thick and is supported with a continuous piano style hinge that runs the full height of the door. Despite the massive 340 pounds, the smooth operating hinge requires only 1/2 LB of operating force to open and close the door. The IsoDoor HD will provide great performance in any wall assembly with an STC rating of 62 or lower.

Another version of the IsoDoor HD is the IsoDoor HD LF. The specs on the HD LF are very similar to the HD, but the change in core design brings a considerable increase in low frequency isolation.

We strongly recommend alternating the type of door when setting up communicating assemblies. Combining the IsoDoor with the IsoDoor HD or combining the IsoDoor HD with the IsoDoor HD LF will help avoid common resonance issues that occur when two similar materials are installed in the same assembly. Two IsoDoors can be used in the same communicating assembly with a slight change in core design to avoid these resonance issues.

What is included with each IsoDoor?

Each door ships in a heavy duty crate to protect the door during transit. Up to four doors per crate to reduce shipping costs. Inside this crate you will find:

  • Pre-hung smooth slab in jambs to match any wall depth.
  • Full perimeter rubber seals, fully mortised automatic door bottom, hinges, and acoustic threshold.
  • Slab bored for 2-3/4″ backset to fit standard handle, to be provided by the customer.
  • Installation instructions, one year warranty.
  • Endless phone or email support for installation and project planning.

What options are available with each IsoDoor?

These items can be customized to fit your requirements:

  • Color of perimeter rubber seal
  • Finish for the hinges and threshold
  • Depth of the door jamb
  • Door width (standard is 36″ or 32″)
  • Door height (standard is 80″)
  • Backset
  • Bore for deadbolt
  • Custom wood finish for jamb and slab
  • Double door up to 72″ wide
  • Windows available for the IsoDoor

What are the standard IsoDoor sizes?

Our standard door sizes for the IsoDoor and IsoDoor HD are 36″ x 80″ and 32″ x 80″ as slabs for a single operating or double door (French door). Custom sizes are available upon request and with a nominal up charge.

What are communicating doors?

Communicating doors install in the same wall back to back with anywhere from 3″ to 24″ between the doors. Our line of IsoDoor is unique in that we have full communicating door testing for any combination of IsoDoor style in several different assemblies.

The advantage of communicating doors is considerable. With doors installed back to back, a redundancy in seals and dead air space between extreme mass is created. This allows doors with single operable performance in the low to high STC 40’s to achieve ratings in the mid to high STC 60’s when communicating. This level of performance would not be possible in a single operating door.

Have the IsoDoors been tested?

The entire line of IsoDoor was tested in 2012 at NWAA Labs as single operable doors and in communicating door assemblies. We have 15 official tests related to the IsoDoor line with performance ranging from STC 29 up to STC 65.

What is the lead time for my order?

If a standard size door is purchased, then a lead time of two to three weeks is typical for small orders with less than four doors. Lead times on larger orders are quoted at the time of purchase and range anywhere from three to eight weeks depending on the size and complexity of the order, as well as the location of the delivery.

Our manufacturing process is on a first come first serve basis. We suggest ordering as early as possible to be included in the manufacturing schedule and to avoid project delays.

Do these doors come with a warranty?

The entire line of IsoDoor is backed up with a full one year warranty from the receiving date. Warranty information is emailed once the door ships. This information must be completed and returned to become valid.


Are these doors difficult to install?

They are very heavy, but the installation is pretty standard. The IsoDoor weighs over 130 pounds more than a solid wood door while the IsoDoor HD weighs over 240 pounds more than a solid wood door.

The door arrives pre-hung in a jamb allowing a similar installation to that of a standard door. The only differences would be the adjusting of the automatic door bottom, which anyone can do with a screw driver, and the applying of the rubber perimeter seals, which again, anyone can do.

Do you provide any assistance in installation or know any installers?

We are here to support the installers for as much as they need us. Installation instructions for the IsoDoor are available after purchasing. Each IsoDoor purchase comes with unlimited phone support for installation and other questions.

We are familiar with a few installers that have installed multiple IsoDoors. Typically we do not recommend installers to our customers. The best advice we can give for finding an installer is to hire a reputable finish carpenter. Finding one is as simple calling a local building supply store and asking for the names of a couple finish carpenters that are experienced.

Other Questions

This other manufacturer says they have a higher STC rating, why not buy from them?

Unfortunately, the accuracy and consistency of STC tests varies greatly from lab to lab and year to year. Many sound isolation door manufacturers have lab tests dating back to the 1960’s and 1970’s. The majority of testing we have found is no more recent than the mid-1990’s. To make it worse, many of the tests were done in the manufacturer’s own facilities in labs that cannot accurately measure the ranges tested.

Because of this, a competitor’s STC 52, unless tested recently, is not necessarily better than an STC 46 from us. Or a competitor’s STC 46 , unless tested recently, is very likely much worse than an STC 46 from us. The STC calculations are constantly changing and becoming more stringent, and new acoustics labs are more accurate than ever. We tested our line of IsoDoor in 2012 in an acoustic lab known as the most accurate lab in the United States. Our ratings may appear lower than some of the highest ratings you will find, but we are confident that our STC numbers will meet or exceed the competition and can be duplicated both in the lab and in the field.

When is payment collected for door orders?

We require payment up front for all orders. Payment can be made by check, credit card, or PayPal.