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  • Each pad is a 7-1/4" square x 3/16" thick
  • Sold in packs of five or twenty pads
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The SSP Specseal Putty Pad is used to seal through penetrations, construction gaps, and blank openings. These putty pads for electrical boxes are sound and fire tested to maintain maximum sound and fire ratings. Each pad is a 7-1/4" square and 3/16" thick, about double the thickness of most putty pads. The thicker pad increases sound isolation performance as well as the fire rating.


The most common application for the SSP Putty Pad is putting the electrical putty on the back of outlets. The loss in mass created by an electrical outlet opening needs to be restored. The SSP Putty Pad is the best product for this because of the high performance in sound isolation and safety in fire rating. Acoustic putty pads for electrical boxes are only required if your wall has more than two single gang outlets within 100 square feet of surface area.


The space between the door jamb and framing, as well as between the window frame and framing, is best filled with a putty material. Foam gasket is often used in these gaps, but is ineffective when trying to achieve high STC ratings. Putty material is the material of choice in acoustic labs across the country for sealing these types of gaps.


The SSP Specseal Putty Pad can also be used for several other applications. Basically, any gap or hole over 1/2" should be filled with the SSP Putty Pad when trying to achieve STC ratings over 50. Tear pieces from the SSP Putty Pad as needed or roll the fire-rated putty pads to fill longer gaps.

The SSP Putty Pads are sold in increments of five. Each putty pad can easily cover the back of one single gang electrical outlet. Two pads will cover a double or triple gang electrical outlet. Three pads will cover a quadruple gang outlet box. Putty pads are only required if your wall has more than two single gang outlets within 100 square feet of surface area.

The gap around most standard doors will need five pads to reach a proper seal.

Putty pads are installed by a simple peel and stick application. The putty is easy to mold, tear, and piece together where needed.


Remove the release paper from one side of the pad, center it over the back of an installed electrical outlet, and wrap the exposed sides of the electrical outlet.


Fold the SSP Putty Pad into thicker blocks to fill larger gaps. Fill narrow gaps by rolling the putty into a rope-like shape. Press the putty against the frame and framing to create a seal.

SSP Putty Pad Specs
Dimensions 7-1/4" square
Thickness 1/4" or 5 mm
Weight .59 pounds per pad
Color Red
STC Rating At least STC 60, ASTM C919 and E90
VOC Content 0.00 lbs/gal (0.0g/L)
UL Certification 1 or 2 hour ratings available depending on outlet box type and assembly. ASTM E814, UL1479, UL263, ASTM E119, NFPA 251
SpecSeal SSP Putty Pad Downloads
SSP Putty Pad Product Specs DownloadPDF 120 KB
SSP Putty MSDS DownloadPDF 95 KB
SSP Manufacturer Putty Datasheet DownloadPDF 491 KB