PDS Astragal

up to 84" height
Lead Time: 5-10 DAYS
  • The base size for this product is for standard sized doors up to 84 inches tall
  • This product is a French door astragal seal that installs directly to each slab of your door
  • Lead Time: 4-9 days
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Sound and air will leak through the middle of double doors if the proper astragal bottom seals are not installed. The PDS Astragal Door Seal installs to the surface of the inactive door with a rubber astragal seal included that installs between the two doors. This design, when used in conjunction with our other door seal products, will provide a zero loss seal for sealing gaps between double doors. The main piece measures 1/8" thick and is 2" wide with a standard size of 80". The PDS Double Door Astragal Seal is a galvanneal steel for easy painting to match any painted door.

Each PDS Astragal ships with the required fasteners along with full installation instructions from the manufacturer. A brief description of the installation can be found below.

The PDS Astragal arrives pre-drilled with the required fasteners. It is recommended to have the doors tops installed before installing the astragal piece. With both door closed, center the PDS Astragal over the center vertical space. Mark each screw location with a pencil and begin fastening the PDS Astragal to the slab. The second component is a rubber seal that is attached with a peel and stick application to the side of the inactive door slab. The bubble side of the rubber should be positioned to the astragal piece without coming in contact with the astragal.

PDS Astragal Product Specs PDF 68KB

PDS Astragal Specs
Dimensions 2" wide x 1/8" thick
Length 84" standard size, cut to spec by manufacturer
Finish Gray primer galvanneal steel (easily painted) or dark bronze
STC Rating Tested to show zero loss in performance for doors up to STC 56
Other Ratings UL10C for fire, UL1784 for smoke, BHMA A156.22, ASTM E-283 for air infiltration, ASTM E-90-97 and ASTM EI408-91 for sound control

Measure the distance between the bottom of the slab, or top of the threshold, and the top horizontal stop. The PDS Astragal must fit tight against the top horizontal stop and bottom of the door to ensure a perfect seal. The PDS Astragal is 10 gauge steel so it can be trimmed on site with the proper tools.


The PDS Astragal has been tested to show zero loss when installed as a seal for the center vertical space between double doors. The concept behind the PDS Astragal has two parts. First, the mass of the seal fully covers the center vertical gap, and second, the rubber installed between the double door slabs creates a dead air space. The final rating of the PDS Astragal will depend on the performance of the door slabs.