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View our Product FAQ for answers to common questions about our line of IsoDoors.

Sometimes we make mistakes, wrong size or wrong swing, and we have some slabs laying around that need a home. We know doors are pricey, so here's your opportunity to get an IsoDoor at a discounted rate! Each of these doors are already built, so the swing and sizing is already set. However, we will still build jambs as specified and provide hardware as specified (hinge color, threshold color, rubber seal color).

The overall experience in purchasing in one of these doors will be the same as purchasing at full price, except that the sizing and swing are already set. If the sizing works for you, then all the better! If the sizing does not, then widen that rough opening a bit, or bring it down to size. Recommended rough opening is 2" wider and 2" taller than the stated door size. Make sure to consider flooring thickness in the rough opening height as well. If your floor is thicker than 1/2", then add to the rough opening size to accommodate the extra thick floor.

Available Doors

  • IsoDoor HD, 28" x 80", Swing RHO/LHI, flush panel, bored for handle. Retail, $2,600, Discounted to $1,950.
  • IsoDoor HD, 28" x 80", Swing RHO/LHI, flush panel, bored for handle. Retail $2,600, Discounted to $1,950.
  • IsoDoor HDLF, 34" x 84", LHO/RHI. Retail $2,650, Discounted to $2,000.
  • IsoDoor HD, 34.25" x 95", LHO/RHI, flush panel with Glass Kit #3 (18" x 28"). Retail $3,450, Discounted to $2,600.

Give us a call at 877-866-6473 to inquire about purchasing one of the doors above or select from the drop down options to order directly from the site. Pricing is listed for the finished version of the door, which is a door slab, hinge, jamb to your spec, threshold, door bottom, and full perimeter seals. The only piece we do not provide is a door handle. Add shipping costs to each door, based on where it will deliver. Shipping is generally around $250 to $350, depending on delivery zip code and type (residential or commercial).

Installation of our doors require at least two people. The steps involved with installing a sound door are very similar to installing a standard door. Careful attention must be paid to the rubber perimeter seals and adjustment of the automatic door bottom to achieve the full STC ratings achieved in our lab testing. Each IsoDoor SD will ship with a full installation guide and receiving instructions.

We would recommend installing the IsoDoor SD or IsoDoor HD doors as interior doors only. If an exterior installation is required, use a quality oil based paint and paint with a quality exterior paint on all 6 sides.


Our door seals create dead air space and redundancies allowing for an easy installation with more room for error. Because of this, performance from our lab tests are easily replicable in the field. Other isolation door manufacturers have bulky seals that appear to install easily, but often create major deficiencies in the corners and will require adjustment over time.