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  • IsoWindow

    Black Out Window

    Obscured Texturing

    Flush Mount Install

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  • Built to order Lightweight (easy to install and remove for cleaning)
  • Install on the interior side, no exterior work required
  • Low profile, requires as little as 3/8" of space
  • Black out and clear textured finish options available
  • Lead Time: 14 days

Product Use

The IsoWindow works by adding a lightweight acrylic glass window over your existing window. This creates an additional seal for your existing window opening, adds mass, and dead air space between the existing window and the IsoWindow. The IsoWindow has a magenetic frame surrounding the acrylic glass that affixes to a metal frame, or magnetic strip, that is installed within the window opening. The more space you can allow between the IsoWindow and existing window, the better the performance. For even a DIY user, installation of each IsoWindow will take around 20-30 minutes. The IsoWindow blocks the majority of sound transfer while remaining light enough to remove for cleaning, or to remove if you need access to open the exterior window.


With our windows, you can decrease incoming and outgoing sound by 70% over standard windows. These gains include the lower frequencies, a range more crucial to isolating traffic noise. A typical sound control window is very expensive (typically $40 to $75 per square foot, depending on size), can require significant demolition to install, requires a deep window frame to perform well, and cannot be removed for cleaning. Our windows are half the price, can install by any contractor or DIY user without any demolition/exterior work, and can be easily removed (only 1.5 pounds per square foot) for cleaning or exterior access.

Single-Pane Window - 26-28 STC
Dual-Pane Windows - 26-33 STC
Soundproofing Window + Single Pane Window - 43-49 STC
Soundproofing Window + Double Pane Window - 45-54 STC
IsoWindow + Single Pane Window - 41-47 STC
IsoWindow + Double Pane Window - 48-54 STC

The exceptional isolation performance of the IsoWindow is better than a standard exterior wall. A standard insulated exterior wall rates up to STC 39, with a brick or block wall as much as STC 48. Adding Green Glue Compound to the interior side of your exterior wall will increase your rating to STC 52 for a standard wall and STC 55 for a brick or block wall. If your exterior wall is not brick or block, then we recommend upgrading the interior side of your exterior walls with another layer of drywall and Green Glue Compound. This will assure you achieve maximum isolation performance from your windows.


The IsoWindow will improve your existing window's energy efficiency. The average window has an R-1 rating with Energy Star windows at an R-2.9. Adding the IsoWindow to your opening will increase the R-value to R-5 for single pane windows and R-8 for existing dual pane windows, effectively reducing heat loss by as much as 40%. The main purpose of the IsoWindow may be sound control, but considering the low cost of the IsoWindow and energy savings, each IsoWindow will quickly pay for itself.


The IsoWindow system uses 1/4" acrylic instead of a traditional glass pane. There are several reasons for this:

  • Increased strength, 17 times stronger than glass
  • Efficiency, 7 times more energy efficient than glass
  • Lightweight, at 1.5 pounds per square foot, it is about half the weight of traditional glass
  • Slim profile, can install in an area as small as 3/9" compared to specialty soundproof windows requiring over 2"
  • Traditional glass transmits 80-90% of visible light, acrylic transmits 92% of visible light, while still filtering over 90% of ultraviolet rays


Measure the width of your window opening (left to right), at the bottom, center, and top. Input this measurement into the width box near the top of the page.

Measure the height of your window opening (top to bottom), at the left, center, and right. Input this measurement into the height box near the top of the page.

Select the next largest size for width and height from the 'Master Size' drop down above. Example, if your window opening measures 34" x 46", then you would round up both dimensions to the closest size, which in this case would be 36" x 48". Another example, if you measure at 38" x 50", then you would select 48" x 60" from the drop down.


IsoWindow Install Guide PDF 1.13MB

There are two methods for installation of the IsoWindow. The standard steel frame installation and the flush installation. Click the download link above to view our detailed image based guide or review the basic text guide below.


  1. Measure the window height from top to bottom on both sides of the window. Cut the left and right steel frames to fit tight from bottom to top.
  2. Place the side steel frames and fasten into place parallel and equal distance from the existing window. Use three of the included screws per side.
  3. Measure the width of the remaining space between the side steel frames at the top and bottom of the window. Cut the pieces to fit tight between the side steel frames.
  4. Fasten the bottom and top steel frames to butt into the side steel frames.
  5. Caulk the perimeter where the steel frame meets the sill. Let it dry for at least 1 hour before proceeding with setting the IsoWindow.
  6. Remove the protective covering from the IsoWindow.
  7. Install the IsoWindow, starting from the bottom and working your way up. The IsoWindow will click into place with the magnet edging coming in full contact with the steel frame.
  8. OPTIONAL: Using a putty knife, or similar tool, slide it between the acrylic and magnet edging, and push the edging against the sides and bottom of the window box to create the tightest seal possible. Do not do this for the top edging.
  9. Reinstall window coverings.

NOTE: For all IsoWindow installations, there will be a gap at the side and top. Completing step 8 from above will help to reduce these gaps.


  1. Cut the enclosed steel adhesive strip tight to the height and width of your window.
  2. Wipe the surface of your window frame clean with a dry towel.
  3. Remove the adhesive cover from the strip and press the adhesive backing to the window frame.
  4. Continue to step 5 of the standard installation.


The IsoWindow is made from acrylic sheets. If not cared for properly, the acrylic will scratch. If not cleaned properly, the acrylic will cloud. Please follow the procedures below for proper handling and maintenance.


Larger windows may require two people for easy removal. To remove the IsoWindow, simply pull out on the left and right pull handles together to separate the IsoWindow from the L frame. Handle carefully to avoid scratching the acrylic. For larger windows, after pulling on the handles, we recommend sliding the IsoWindow down against the frame as you lower it to the ground.


Typically IsoWindows can be left in place year round with the occasional removal for cleaning. If an IsoWindow is removed for an extended period, proper storage is essential. If you wish to remove your IsoWindows, the best option is to store them flat on the floor with the largest on the bottom, no more than 3 high to prevent bowing or warping. IsoWindows can also be stored vertically, straight up and down against each other. A protective barrier, either a sleeve or solution you devise, should be placed between each IsoWindow to prevent scratching.


In some cases, it may be possible to lessen the appearance of scratches by using a plastic polish such as Novus 2 or 3 which can be found at most major hardware stores. Be careful to follow the manufacturer’s directions as the incorrect use may damage your IsoWindow.


For non-greasy dirt or dust, spraying with water and then wiping with a microfiber cloth will often work best. We do not recommend dry dusting. To clean greasy stains, spray two or three pumps of the cleaning mixture, using one lightly dampened cleaning cloth to distribute the solution. Wipe away all remaining moisture with a second dry cleaning cloth to prevent streaking. You may also use a soft, lint-less, nonabrasive cloth, such as a microfiber towel, and a mild, ammonia and alcohol free cleaner such as diluted dish soap to clean your IsoWindow. We recommend a diluted mixture of Dr. Bronner’s Magic All-One soap. Suggested ratio is 1/2 teaspoon to 16 ounces of distilled water. Do not use any ammonia, alcohol, or bleach-based cleaners such as Windex, Clorox, or 409. Do not use lemon juice or vinegar. Do not use paper towels, newspapers or rough cloths. Use only microfiber cleaning cloths.

Product Specs

IsoWindow Product Specs
Dimensions Custom from 6" to 48" width and 6" to 96" height
Thickness 1/4"
Weight 1.5 pounds per square foot
Edging and Handle Finish
White or bronze (black)
STC Rating STC 48-54, testing from Acoustical Systems, NVLAP Lab Code #100286-0, ASTM-E90 Test AS-TL2739.
Warranty 1 year
IsoWindow Downloads
IsoWindow Product Specs Download PDF 52KB
Installation Guide Download PDF 1.13MB

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