How to Apply Green Glue Compound With A Dispensing Gun


Installation Video for Pails of Green Glue Compound

Quick Bits of Info

  1. Smell

    Green Glue Compound does have a slight smell, but it is less noticeable than paint and begins to fade within a couple hours.

  2. Not Really an Adhesive

    While Green Glue Compound is sticky, it is not an adhesive and should never be used without fasteners.

  3. Cleanup

    Green Glue Compound can be washed off your hands, tools, or other objects using soap and water. Pumice soap is recommended.

  4. Messiness

    Responsible application will lead to no mess. Green Glue Compound is thick enough to not run off the drywall.

  5. Coverage Requirements

    No specific coverage pattern is necessary to ensure excellent results. Apply at least semi-evenly for successful application.

  6. Larger Nozzle Opening

    A larger opening on the nozzle (1/2″) will speed up application without affecting the performance of the Green Glue Compound.

Preparing and Loading Our Dispensing Gun

Different Levels of Coverage

Four Steps to a Successful Green Glue Compound Installation

Other Useful Tips:

Cleaning the Dispensing Gun

Green Glue Compound is a very sticky product that becomes incredibly difficult to clean once it has cured. For this reason, it is crucial to fully clean the dispensing gun after each use. Otherwise the dispensing gun will become inoperable. Cleaning involves disassembling the dispensing gun and using water pressure to remove all Green Glue Compound residue from the cone nozzle, barrel, and inner workings of the tool.